About Me

I am Alejandro
Hi there!
I am a photographer, originally from Mexico City, now residing in Washington, DC. I have been working as a professional photographer for over 30 years, specializing in family portraits, sporting events, weddings, concerts, and other events.

More about me

Family Photography

Since 2001, I have been taking family portraits, using an array of styles and formats.

Sports Photography
Starting in 1992, I have been the official photographer for the Mexican Triathlon Federation, covering over 250 Triathlons and International IRONMAN competitions, as well as several other sporting events.

A Snapshot of my coverage of professional sporting events includes:

1992: World Duathlon, Frankfurt; European Duathlon, Madrid

1994: World Triathlon Championships, New Zealand

1995: World Triathlon Championships, Cancun

2002: Central American Games, San Salvador

2002: World Triathlon Championships, Cancun

2007: Pan-American Games, Rio de Janeiro

2007- 2011: 70.3 Ironman, Cancun, Mexico

2009- 2011: Ironman, Cozumel, Mexico

2009: World Triathlon Championships, Gold Coast, Australia

2010: World Triathlon Championships, Budapest, Hungary

2011: World Triathlon Championships, Beijing, China

2011: Pan-American Games, Guadalajara, Mexico

2012: World Triathlon Championships, Auckland, New Zealand 2013:  World Triathlon Championships, London, UK

2014:  World Triathlon Championships, Edmonton, Canada

2015:  World Triathlon Championships, Chicago, USA

2016:  World Triathlon Championships, Cozumel, Mexico

2017:  World Triathlon Championships, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2019:  World Triathlon Championships, Lausanne, Switzerland

My photographs have been published in several major sports magazines including Runners World, Triathlete Magazine Australia, Red Bulletin UK, and other sports magazines in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Mexico.

Weddings and Other Events * Starting in 2007, I lead a staff that photographed over 40 weddings * I have photographed numerous baptisms, first communions, family reunions/gatherings * I have covered several formal business events including company meetings and social events * I have covered over 10 major musical concerts, including U2, which have been used in various publications Travel/Culture * I have photographed over 200 cities throughout 28 countries in the world * In 2011, I was selected by the Mexican Secretariat of Culture to participate in a cultural promotion/tourism project for “Pueblos Mágicos” of Mexico; My photos were shown in an Expo at the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City and published in a book which was circulated internationally